Lisbon Eco Tours is born of our passion for Lisbon!

Lisbon Eco Tours is born of our passion for Lisbon!


Lisbon Eco Tours is a company with creative and innovative projects in the tourist entertainment sector.

In 2013 we were pioneers in the rental of electric vehicles (Twizys) the "electric carts" used for self drive tours with GPS Audio Guide, promoting sustainable mobility and contributing to a better environment, reducing CO2 emissions on our Planet. Currently we also have electric Tuk Tuks and other electric vehicles.

In 2019 we launched a new activity, call Dramatours, It´s a theatrical show in monuments and public spaces, this experience promotes our heritage and Portuguese culture.  

Lisbon Eco Tours has the means to organize various types of corporate events, incentives peddy papers and team building.




 Twizy is 100% electric car with Audio Guide.

Twizy is 100% electric car with Audio Guide.

The GPS Audio Guide Multilingual allows guide you through the different predefined routes and at the same time explain the points of interest offering a wide range of tourist information, cultural, gastronomic and artistic interest.

The GPS Audio Guide provides detailed maps, with indications of Streets, Monuments, Churches, Landmarks, Gardens and Viewpoints.

The Self-drive Tours, gives you complete freedom to stop at the picturesque locations of Lisbon, go on a tour at your own pace, this ecologic car speaks to you, and tells the stories, curiosities, secrets of Lisbon and its people, in a relaxing way!

Feel the freedom to experience the beauty of Lisbon, in an Eco-friendly and Fun way! On board a Twizy, drive through the City of Seven Hills and hear the story of the Monuments, Places and Viewpoints, always oriented by our GPS Audio Guide, you will be able to comtemplate and listen along this journey at your own pace.

It is the best activity to explore Lisbon, the Twizy is an electric car and despite being silent attracts the attention of all.

Discover Lisbon with a GPS Audio Guide, which takes you in unique locations to photograph, in typical Neighborhoods and Viewpoints.


Theatrical visit at the Ajuda National Palace

Theatrical visit at the Ajuda National Palace

 DramaTours are dramatized guided tours, spanning through the best places along the City, told by the voices of trained actors, who know how to involve and amaze the audience.

A way to go to the theatre without sitting on a chair. Dramatized tours facilitate interaction between you and the places, along with your tour partners.

Through theatrical techniques, learning becomes easier and more entertaining: it’s like studying without reading a book.



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